Skin Philosophie to the Rescue

Just like the most of you, I’ve always dreamed of having a silky “kutis-artista” skin. Having this seemingly expensive goal, I thought of ways to improvise and come up with my own DIY treatments, which led me to a site offering a DIY deep skin peel home kit. This site sold oil peels that will penetrate deep into the epidermis resulting to thick sloughing of the skin.


The site photos looked appealing, and my friend seemed to be happy with her results, so I decided to purchase a set for myself. The package didn’t come with instructions, but the online seller will send you the “how to” after you’ve received your package.

It took 3 days of tormenting application. I needed to dry the thick oil out, while dealing with the stinging sensation that came with the experience. I was sleepless for nights, because of the discomfort, and would occasionally scratch myself inadvertently mostly during my sleep. Here’s a photo of the peeling process:


After 3 days of application= sleepless nights and lots of discomfort

To get to the bottom of it, the peel didn’t do me good. I don’t necessarily blame the peel, maybe it was too harsh for me that it made the treated areas darker!! Opposite of what the product was supposed to do. I literally looked like a Zebra  after applying the peel only in specific areas of my body. My heart dropped, and my family poked fun at me for experimenting with myself.


     Oh, my poor inflamed skin after my DIY peel 😦

I learned a valuable lesson in economizing when it comes to skin care, aesthetics and the like. Just as I gave up on the idea of escaping from my Zebra skin, my boyfriend suggested I visit highly esteemed dermatologists to see what they can do to solve the problem. Unfortunately, the cost to even just get my normal skin back is ridiculously expensive. As in I have to pay 80x more for what I spent on the peel solution (just dreadful!). After a few more asking around, I discovered that Skin Philosophie by Dra. Kyla Talens in Taguig offered a solution that is of par to those luxurious clinics, at a much friendlier rate! 😊 I was so relieved to know that there is hope to get my normal skin back, and even better.

Skin Philosophie prides its clinic with highly trained dermatologists, and state of the art equipment that offers solution to any skin related concerns. They know exactly what to do, and would cordially answer any issues their clients may have until fully comfortable and satisfied to proceed with a recommended treatment.

For my skin dilemma, they suggested I do Cutera- this technology will treat the appearance of scars and help lighten the skin after trauma (from the burn that is). Here are my photos after only 1 session of Cutera.


4weeks after my 1st session with Cutera 🙂 the line is barely noticeable

To give you an idea, Cutera is a laser treatment that directly targets pigmention on skin, helping it to lighten up and restore skin elasticity as it heals. The treatment takes less than an hour depending on the area.


Got this photo from their site 🙂 not sure if this was the same treatment I had

I’m so ecstatic, that I won’t have to deal with my Zebra legs, especially that I’ll be tying the knot soon. I’m so grateful that Dra. Kyla Talens is so patient and nurturing to her clients, giving them a peace of mind and clear idea of the treatment they’re getting. What’s blows my mind even more is that you won’t have to spend a fortune to get the exact treatment celebrities get to achieve that “kutis-artista” skin.


Cutera recommends 3-4weeks interval for best results 😊 not bad at all, considering 1 treatment already showed obvious results.


                                                       I’m so happy that their statement is true 🙂

Learn more about Skin Philosophie by Dra. Kyla Talens, their great immaculate correction deals and offered treatments through their Facebook page:

Clinic Address: 9th Avenue corner Lane P, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City


Call: 0917 866 4433


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