ZUBUCHON: Express Review

Deciding on where to eat out on a Sunday night can be quite a challenge, especially if you’re dining out with a big group (kids included). Different preferences and tastes must be considered in choosing a restaurant that will seal the mood of everyone’s weekend. In our case, we agreed to dine in this Filipino restaurant in Makati, but got disappointed when our initial choice was apparently closed on Sundays. We did some googling and decided to try out Zubuchon in Makati. I was iffy at first thinking that it might be an elevated carinderia style restaurant. But much to my surprise, it was this swanky, well lit, modern space that is very much conducive for dining with a team.

It was raining cats and dogs when we got there, but I loved everything I saw and smelled when we walked in the restaurant. 🙂

IMG_0239[1]Hmm.. jam-packed on a Sunday night.

IMG_0178[1]IMG_0177[1]They have a pasalubong corner featuring Cebu’s famous delicacies.

We only waited for about 15mins to be seated, but I didn’t mind since we already got busy ordering. Here’s what we tried:

Sizzling Bangus♥♥♥♥

Crab Relleno- deep-fried, crab meat stuffed in crab shell♥♥♥♥

Original Lechon♥♥♥♥♥

Zubuchon Dinuguan = <3, you’ll need extra rice – it’s quite rich♥♥♥♥♥

Sizzling Spicy Zubuchorizo- kids love this!♥♥♥♥

Paksiw na Zubuchon♥♥♥

And Tartish Drink in a Jar – these sour drink are helpful to balance out the saltiness of the dishes♥♥♥♥

Oh sad, I didn’t get the chance to take photos of our other orders coz we lost our composure in hunger.

The things I like about this restaurant:

  1. Ample parking slots
  2. Efficient dining service
  3. Modern interiors
  4. Comfortable seating
  5. Comfortable air conditioning system
  6. The food selection
  7. No MSG
  8. Plus the fresh floral centerpiece didn’t go unnoticed ❤

What I didn’t dig so much is the price. But having a background in the food service industry I know very well that the overhead in running a restaurant can be quite steep so I’ll let that one slide 😉

Yakal corner Talisay St. , Makati City


Mendokoro Ramenba

Last night’s waiting game at Mendokoro was not unusual. People’s craving for a nice hot bowl of ramen seems to overshadow the unfavourable cue that is expected when you decide to dine at Mendokoro. To be honest, I didn’t have much optimism when my fiancé and I decided to eat there – like how can a ramen get any better than Ramen Nagi? What form of sorcery can they manipulate to make ramen taste better?! Oh well, I really just wanted to get over the hype and see if the ramen experience is really worth the wait.


We got there at around 10pm and as expected customers who have pre-ordered pile up outside the resto to patiently wait for their turn. It was my second attempt to try this place out, but I didn’t have much eagerness during the first visit to wait (we were 18th in line). Well, today was different. I had a long day, super hungry, and I figured it might take a while for people to get over this phenomenon so I emotionally prepared to wait. We were 15th in line and had to wait 40mins long to be seated. Okay, so the experience begins..

Upon reservation, the cashier would already require you to place your orders and pay given that it’s very possible for customers to get impatient and leave. Rules for ordering are boldly posted up on their wall by the entrance and right next to it is their main menu. **Spare the crew time to explain and just read up**


Prior to ordering we’ve been told by a friend that Mendokoro has a secret menu, and is a must try. You’ll need to ask the order taker for it specifically as they only have limited number of special menu bowls in a day. In this situation, knowledge is power.


The place is really tight since it’s a one Ramen Bar and seats can only accommodate a little over 20 customers at a time. Get ready to sweat as well, because this place can get quite warm and stuffy given that the open kitchen is right in front of you. Plus ramen fanatics swarming the place isn’t helpful to the ventilation either.

I ordered the Garlic Shoyu – extra heavy garlic (paste and toasted), generous amount of bean sprouts, rich milky broth and thick chewy noodles


and my fiancé had the Ebi Tonkotsu with extra Chashu on the side. Both our ramens from their secret menu.

This Seafood Ramen is on the spicy side 😉 not too hot but enough to make you sweat beads and blush. It had a rich seafood taste and very aromatic – it was very comforting.


I love the texture of their Chashu 🙂 It’s tender, flavorful and the beautiful grill marks just makes it even more appetizing. It also has an excellent meat-fat ratio. This gets two thumbs up!

I’m not sure what super power their bowls possessed because it managed to keep our  ramen’s perfect temperature until we finished it up. Overall, I wasn’t ecstatic about their dishes but i wasn’t bad at all. Price is quite steep, but seeing the demand and supply ratio I guess it’s quite justifiable.

The setting and dining experience was quite intense making it difficult for customers to relax and savor their food. Extremely busy dining service, uncomfortable room temperature,  plus the stares from the people in line waiting for you to get up and leave will really pressure you to eat and run.

I don’t mind going back to sample on their other dishes. But, next time hopefully, the waiting game won’t be too long.

Mendokoro Ramenba
Ground Floor, V Corporate Center, Soliman Street, Salcedo Village, Makati.


Don Andres Peruvian Kitchen

It’s always been a struggle deciding on where to eat. Especially, if you’re in an area famous for its restaurants. There’s just too many options, and chances are you’re in for a huge disappointment. But then, there are certain restaurants that are so distinct it’s worth a try.

Don Andres Peruvian Kitchen located at Sgt. Esguerra Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City received my brother’s recommendation. It’s not everyday that we see a Peruvian restaurant so whatever the cost, you will want to try it out for experience’s sake.


Sounds fancy, but it’s nothing more than a Tuna Kilawin. I’m a huge fan of raw fish, so this one has my vote. Although, I had trouble chewing the tuna, coz I got most of the stubborn inedible bits of  the fish. Overall, I think it was cured and seasoned well. But, I don’t think its for everyone. :p


This paella looking dish will give you more that what your taste buds can imagine. It’s quite delicious and a hint of lime would help complemet the flavor. I like the quality of the rice and how perfectly it was simmered. The only thing that would make me hesitate to order this dish again is the price. Maybe more seafoods on this dish would give you more value for money.



As far as I know, lomo is a tender type of the meat (if it means the same in Peru). My expectations were set high, given that this dish was highly recommended. The sirloin strips were just okay. I think tenderizing it more will make the dish more irresistable. The taste of the sauce was quite subtle. As for me, I was hoping for more intensity, or richness in taste. I would also be happier if they ditched the fries and added more meat to this dish.


This Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken is nothing special without its sauce (that I failed to take a picture of). The sauces include Chimichurri, Aji-Green and Orange Spicy  Mayo, which I enjoyed smothering all over my chicken. These sauces really elevated the flavor of the dish. The chicken was okay, and I believe the sides were only there to fill out the plate.


We braved the traffic to get to Don Andres during the rush hour, and it wasn’t so bad. It was my first time dining there and I don’t mind going back again. They had a cozy ambience, comfortable seats, and enough dining space. The owners had a cheerful demeanor, so did their employees. This will make you want to leave a generous tip. 🙂